A Desire to Make Her Own Identity

A Desire to Make Her Own Identity
With “Tamanna”, her mobile store, Priyanka has finally carved her own identity weathering many a storm.

23-year-old Priyanka Laguri, a resident of Balandiya village of West Singhbhum district, Jharkhand, had a strong desire to make her own identity one day.
The “tamanna” to do something big was perhaps born out of the difficulties that she faced in her life. Instead of getting disheartened by the adversities that marked her existence, she resolved to change her condition by starting her own business. For someone who depended completely on a small dole of Rs 500 given by her parents to manage the basic needs of her life, the dream to own a business was indeed not just big but also daring.

But then dreams are the first step towards success. 
And for Priyanka, this dream turned into a reality in 2013 when she joined a Sakhi Mandal (Naar Swayam Sahayta Samooh) a woman self-help group run under the tutelage of Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion society. 
Today she is not just the president of her Sakhi Mandal but also a proud owner of a mobile shop which she has rightly named the “New Mobile Zone Tammana”. 
The path to success was not easy, but with her strong determination and some help from Sakhi Mandal Priyanka was on her way to glory. 
Priyanka saved a little amount from the Rs 500 that she got from her parents to help her husband earn a living. In the hope of augmenting their income, Priyanka sent her husband to Jamshedpur for a 3-month course on mobile repairing. 
After 3 months, her husband got a job with a Nokia care center at Jamshedpur on a monthly salary of Rs 3,500. But the amount was not enough to feed a family of 5 members, including taking care of a disabled sister. More so for someone who was staying far away from his home. 
“We were very depressed that even after acquiring a skill, the earning was not enough to feed the family,” Priyanka said.
However, it was a small observation that laid the foundation of their future. 
“Whenever my husband used to come home, the villagers would approach him for mobile repairing. It was then that we decided to open a mobile shop in our village. But the main obstacle to this was money,” she said. 
“At that critical period, we get the financial support from Sakhi Mandal,” Priyanka said.
She took a loan of Rs 49,000 in November 2013 from Sakhi Mandal for setting up the mobile shop. It has been almost 3 years since then. Today, she along with her husband, successfully runs their mobile shop in the village Balandiya. The couple earns nearly Rs 10,000 to Rs 11,000 per month. While the husband takes care of the mobile repairing, she looks after the other aspects of the shop like mobile recharge, movie, and song downloading, taking print out, etc. 
The villagers are also a happy lot. "Now we don't have to go to main Hatgamahria market for mobile recharge and repairing and even for getting a passport size picture clicked for official purpose. We get all these services in our village,” says a customer. 

Priyanka also clicks passport size photo with her Android phone and provides prints to the customer at the cost of Rs 30 for 4 copies. She also sells most of mobile phone accessories like charger, cover, card reader, USB etc at her shop.During this long and difficult journey, there was a time when things went wrong. It was a dark phase of their life.
"In the year 2016, we both fell ill and handed over our shop to a person trusting him that he will give us the earning after taking his share. But the man cheated us,” said Priyanka. “That was the time when we lost all hope because to restart the shop we again needed financial support. “However, the Sakhi Mandal once again trusted me and gave me a loan of Rs 25,000 to restart my shop,” she added.

Priyanka has repaid Rs 70,000 along with interest. Today, she has no fear of any unexpected downturns because she knows that the Sakhi Mandal is always there to bail her out in her bad days. 

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